The Wall Street Journal: High-Tech Security “Can Also Be Fun”

wallstreetjournal“You could dig a moat. Or you could protect your abode with these easy-to-install, tech-friendly security systems,” says the Wall Street Journal in a recent article, adding “If you’re concerned about home security, putting bars on your windows and a “Beware of Dog” sign in the yard goes a long way. But the latest in high-tech security toys (or tools, if you prefer) also have a lot to offer. They’re easy to install, a cinch to operate and, like all good gadgets these days, can be controlled from Internet-connected smartphones. Best of all, when your estate (or studio apartment) is not under siege, they can also be a lot of fun to use.”

When E.F. Hutton speaks, people listen.  When the Wall Street Journal, E.F. Hutton listens.  Maybe home security systems buyers should listen too.

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