Rochester Burglaries Up 19%!

Based on input from WHEC-News, RSS News just reported the following:

“…major crimes were up an median 9% on the whole final year. There were 12 more homicides in 2010 — a 42% increase. Rapes were up 6%… Also up in 2010 were aggravated assaults by 18% and burglaries up 19%.

“Police Chief James Sheppard says it’s hair-raising that most of the assaults are gun-related. But he says burglaries are what put apprehension in to the median citizen’s heart. ‘When you talk violence, a lot of times it’s connected to your lifestyle choices. But thievery can hit you anywhere, no matter where you live in the city. And if you’ve been the victim of a burglar, it doesn’t matter what figures you speak about, you’ve been overwhelmed personally.'”

They say the economy is improving, but you can’t prove it by the crime statistics. Burglaries are up, and taking care of your home and your loved ones is a bigger priority than ever.

Stay tuned to Our Alarm Guy. We plan to make available a whole series of safety tips that can help keep you safe in times like these.

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Wishing Everyone A Safe And Happy Holiday

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our friends and readers, from Donald and Lillian Noga (and Buddy).

And may we all have a safe and prosperous New Year!

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Cold Weather? Give Your Home The Gift Of Security

Winter’s coming and the cold weather’s already here.  How will your house hold up?

Alarm Systems Protect Your Home From Damage, Not Just Burglary

If you have a heating system and it breaks down in the winter, it can mean thousands of dollars worth of damage.  What if the pipes freeze and crack?  The resulting water damage could mean a bigger financial loss than even a burglary.

Alarms can alert you when temperatures are too high — if there’s a fire, for example.  But they can also warn you when temperatures are too low.

Alarms don’t just protect your home from theft.  They can protect it from expensive damage.

Christmas Time Means More Burglaries

Christmas season is the happiest time of the year for burglars too.

People have expensive presents lying there all wrapped up and easy to find under the tree.

People go away for days to visit family, and leave the home unprotected.

People see strangers walk up to their neighbor’s house and think nothing of it, because those people are in uniforms and are delivering packages or adding trim and decorations.

But sometimes the uniforms are phony, and the people are professional thieves engineering a break-in!

There isn’t a more likely time to get burgled than Christmas.  That’s why having a ready security system in place early is smart.

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

Want to know more about how to keep your home safe for the Holidays?  Call me, Don Noga, Our Alarm Guy, at my private line at home at 585-342-4480 for some holiday advice.  My present to you — no charge!

This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving:  the gift of security for yourself and others.  Find out how.  Call me at my private line at home at 585-342-4480, or send an email to  Don Noga, and have yourself a safe and secure Christmas.

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Great Testimonial!

It’s testimonials like this that make me glad I’m in this business. Thanks, Michael!:

“We first used the security services of Don Noga (DTN Security) in 1972 to safeguard our home with antiques in 1972. I think we were one of his first customers. In 1975 we moved our antiques business from Bergen, NY, to Monroe Avenue in the city of
Rochester. We had a large rented store across from Blessed Sacrament Church. However, we were not able to use Don’s services because of a pre-existing contract with one of the ‘big name’ alarm companies. We quickly discovered that this group was big in image only.

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The Top Ten Things To Remember When Getting A Security System

Don’t Buy On Cost Alone

You wouldn’t choose the cheapest brain surgeons. So why get the cheapest security system and monitoring service? Too often, a company will try to come into an area and sell a service to people at an unbelievable low price. But to make that cheap price work, many people are sold sub-standard systems, and get second-rate, out-of-date, and sometimes even stolen or illegal materials.

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Why “FREE” Means You End Up Paying Ten Times As Much

I was thinking about the testimonial my friend and client Michael sent me the other day, and one line really got me: “Do not be mislead by those ‘free’ alarm systems ads. Believe me – there really is no free lunch! You get what you pay for.”

That’s so true. Nothing bothers me more than knowing people who sign up for these so-called ‘free’ systems are going to end up paying through the nose. “Free security system”? Read the fine print.

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Home Fire Safety Tips

Residential fires kill around 3,000 Americans each year. Most all those deaths can be prevented. If homeowners follow some basic fire prevention tips.

Here are some of the most basic things you can do to help ensure your household is as prepared as possible in the event of a fire.

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Six Reasons Why Security Systems Are Safer Than A Guard Dog

My dog  Buddy with my favorite  niece
At DTN we like dogs too.  But can they safeguard your family as well as a DTN alarm system can?  Think about it.

Not All Pets Are Effective Guardians

Most family pets are just that — pets, not defensive weapons. They need to be taken care of, not used as the family’s defense against criminals. These small family members need to be cared for just as much as any human member of the family, and while they may bark or attack someone entering the residence, they may not be able to actually stop a ready criminal. They can be injured or even killed by intruders who want to keep them quiet.

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