A Home Break-In Every 14 Seconds

It’s no fun to feel violated.

In the security systems business, you meet a lot of people who’ve been robbed. It’s not a good experience, and what follows it isn’t good either. A family’s children may now be afraid to sleep at night, or feel the pain of maybe having had their toys stolen or broken. Family pets could be lost or hurt. Valuable electronics and furniture or jewelry that you’ve worked long and hard hours to buy has been taken or trashed. Stolen credit cards, passwords, tax records or personal information could lead to literally years of difficulties because of identity theft.

Whatever the injury, the common reaction is to feel violated, knowing a stranger has been rifling through their most personal and private possessions. Many say they don’t even want to live in the same place any more.

Don’t let it get to this point! Sure, it’s tempting to believe that your street is safe, that you haven’t “heard” about any burglaries or worse in the neighborhood, that there isn’t anything particularly unique about your house that would attract a thief. These sound like very good reasons to do nothing — even though “something” has happened time and time again in many such cases.

This false security runs pretty wide. If a member of the household is in law enforcement, residents may believe no one would dare to break in. Sorry. Thieves do break in. Some feel secure from crime because they live in a Neighborhood Watch area. Sorry. Thieves rob homes in Neighborhood Watch areas too. Some home owners buy and imagine they’re prepared to face a burglar – but this has had mixed — and sometimes even fatal — results for the people who have tried it; even assuming you are home when your house is broken into.

Statistically there is a break-in every 14 seconds in the United States.

1 in every 4 homes is broken into at least once!

So say facts released from local police departments, County Sheriff departments, and on a nationwide level from the FBI.

Isn’t it vastly preferable to have a system that alerts these authorities to a break in, than to endanger yourself or your family?

Strangely enough, some people even try to reason that the insurance savings don’t justify the cost of the security system. They say that it makes economic sense to be robbed! Well, does it make economic sense to be raped, molested or killed? Simply having insurance won’t protect the physical safety of you or your loved ones, and it can’t replace the irreplaceable.

A security system can. It can prevent the loss of possessions from ever taking place, and more importantly it safeguards all of the members of the household.

The price people pay for internet, or cell phones, or cable is often greater than the entire cost of one of our security systems. It’s ridiculous that that someone would rather pay for extra text messages and movie channels than protect their home, possessions and family.

Can you save money on a good security system. Yes, you can. But the reason to buy a good security system is that you can save much, much more than just your money.

Find out more, about affordable security system and monitoring prices, and about what a good security system can do for you. Call Our Alarm Guy, Donald T. Noga, at 585-342-4480.

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