Everyone Needs A Security System

There are many why people need an in-home security system. Sadly, many don’t even consider the reasons until they or someone they know have had their homes broken into.

Often people aren’t worried about the possible dangers because they’re unaware of it. There are countless reasons why your home may be left empty, even for only an hour – but an hour is all a criminal needs to violate your privacy, steal any number of your most prized possessions, and molest or even murder your loved ones.

Many homeowners spend long hours at work. A husband may be planning a hunting or business trip, and leave his wife behind at home alone. Many have jobs that take them out of town for long periods of time. Military families spend months at a time apart. Working spouses may have night shifts, or be obliged to stay late at work. Every absence is an opportunity — a deadly opportunity — for a thief or criminal.

Many situations that require added measures of safety. Living in a bad neighborhood will always be near the top of the list. Being the subject of abuse or unwanted attention is very common. Some people own irreplaceable possessions of high monetary or sentimental value. The home in question may be a summer home, or a rental property.

It isn’t even crime alone that’s the danger. No one wants their home to be flooded, or have a fire. Security systems can warn you of these threats even from many miles away, and protect your home from the human predators that may violate your space in the wake of these incidents. After all, these are the moments when your home is at its most vulnerable.

Can pets help keep your home secure? That’s the wrong question. The right question is, what can you do to keep your pets secure? Pets, in fact, are a huge motivator for acquiring a security system. Pets are known to be at risk during a break in; a burglar can become an assailant, using mace, poison, or force to subdue an animal – even to kill it. Or their pets can simply escape out of an opened door or broken window, putting them at the further risk of being hit by a car or getting lost or stolen.

Our most expensive security system to date was purchased for the safety of a dog! A woman had lost her daughter due to a car accident, and her daughter’s dog was all she had left. She lived in a neighborhood known for burglaries where dogs were beaten severely, even to death.

She wanted the assurance that she would not lose one of the few connections to her daughter’s memory that she had left, and despite our fervent insistence that she was buying much more than she needed, she insisted on purchasing a $5,000 system. In her mind it was worth every penny.

Some people are concerned about stalkers. Many people in hostile divorce situations find themselves concerned that their spouse will attempt a break-in. Others want to protect their home from registered sex offenders in their area. Some live in neighborhoods where organized crime takes place.

Whatever the reason, virtually everyone has strong, compelling legitimate grounds for installing a security system. Unfortunately they only realize it too late. Only after their home has been burglarized do the victims see why safety must always come first.

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