Rochester Burglaries Up 19%!

Based on input from WHEC-News, RSS News just reported the following:

“…major crimes were up an median 9% on the whole final year. There were 12 more homicides in 2010 — a 42% increase. Rapes were up 6%… Also up in 2010 were aggravated assaults by 18% and burglaries up 19%.

“Police Chief James Sheppard says it’s hair-raising that most of the assaults are gun-related. But he says burglaries are what put apprehension in to the median citizen’s heart. ‘When you talk violence, a lot of times it’s connected to your lifestyle choices. But thievery can hit you anywhere, no matter where you live in the city. And if you’ve been the victim of a burglar, it doesn’t matter what figures you speak about, you’ve been overwhelmed personally.'”

They say the economy is improving, but you can’t prove it by the crime statistics. Burglaries are up, and taking care of your home and your loved ones is a bigger priority than ever.

Stay tuned to Our Alarm Guy. We plan to make available a whole series of safety tips that can help keep you safe in times like these.

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