The Top Ten Things To Remember When Getting A Security System

Don’t Buy On Cost Alone

You wouldn’t choose the cheapest brain surgeons. So why get the cheapest security system and monitoring service? Too often, a company will try to come into an area and sell a service to people at an unbelievable low price. But to make that cheap price work, many people are sold sub-standard systems, and get second-rate, out-of-date, and sometimes even stolen or illegal materials.

Don’t save on safety — you could lose everything, including your life. Security can be a life-saving decision. Make that decision with your head, not your pocketbook.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a company because of its looks or its advertising. Choose them because of their track record, because of the kind of people they are, and because of the work they do.

Check The Company’s Qualifications, History and Background

Make sure your security company has a state license, a city permit, liability insurance, workman’s comp, error and emissions insurance, and disability insurance. Without these, the company is not playing by the rules, and it may end up hurting you!

Don’t Go With A Part-timer Or An Independent

If your electrician does this “on the side” or if your installer works out of his trunk, he probably isn’t the one to pick. Yes, there are some good ones. But not many. The odds are against you.

Choose Locally

There are many national security companies. But do they know your town and its special needs? My own company, DTN Security, is Rochester based, Rochester owned, and Rochester operated, and has been for forty years. We’re accountable, because we work here, and we live here. It’s our home town! It’s because we know our community that we serve people here better.

If the sales rep selling the system is calling from India to sell you systems made in China and monitoring based in Pakistan — well, they just won’t do as well as someone who’s been doing living and providing security services here forty years now — like DTN. That isn’t a sales pitch, it’s just common sense. Think local.

Consider Your Children

Your children are no doubt well behaved and honest, but can you be sure they won’t open up a door for a thief or sexual predator dressed as a utility person or other official? Even good kids may try to sneak out at night, or sneak in past curfew. A good security system can let you know, and help you be a better parent.

Don’t Rely On Your Dog As A Security System

Your dog can’t call the fire department if a fire breaks out. Your dog can be sprayed or poisoned by a burglar, it can be overcome by carbon monoxide, it can even welcome a burglar or rapist in, if the criminal is known to the family, as many thieves and burglars are.

Get Enough Sensors Installed

It’s important to get a comprehensive evaluation of all potential entry points and security vulnerabilities. Securing the first floor windows is good, but if you ignore the basement windows or second floor windows or doors, you may be end up very sorry. Get professional advice on what sensors and products will best protect your home and family. Whenever DTN does a home, we make it a point to give it a full security analysis at no extra charge.

Consider The Inside Dangers

Your security system will protect against outside risks. But did you consider inside risks? Fire, flood, carbon monoxide poisoning, even heart attacks: all can be monitored with your system, and emergency services can respond.

Choose DTN!

Seriously: we’re really good, and we really want you and your family to be safe. If you need security systems, or monitoring, or just an analysis of how you can best protect your home, don’t just read about it on the internet. Call me at my private line at home at 585-342-4480. You’ll find out what you need to know.

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