Great Testimonial!

It’s testimonials like this that make me glad I’m in this business. Thanks, Michael!:

“We first used the security services of Don Noga (DTN Security) in 1972 to safeguard our home with antiques in 1972. I think we were one of his first customers. In 1975 we moved our antiques business from Bergen, NY, to Monroe Avenue in the city of
Rochester. We had a large rented store across from Blessed Sacrament Church. However, we were not able to use Don’s services because of a pre-existing contract with one of the ‘big name’ alarm companies. We quickly discovered that this group was big in image only.

The system that we paid for was obsolete and inadequate.

“In 1978, we purchased the house on the corner of Monroe Avenue and Dartmouth Street. Since it was two apartments and our antique shop, we immediately called Don to install a complete custom security system including fire and burglar alarms. Again his services and equipment were second to none. In 1988, I sold the property and closed the antique shop. My home is still protected by DTN Services.

“It has been thirty eight years that I have dealt with Don Noga. Do not be mislead by those ‘free’ alarm systems ads. Believe me – there really is no free lunch! You get what you pay for. I have thirty eight years of great service to prove that.”

– Michael P. Nolan,
Rochester, New York, April 2010

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