Cold Weather? Give Your Home The Gift Of Security

Winter’s coming and the cold weather’s already here.  How will your house hold up?

Alarm Systems Protect Your Home From Damage, Not Just Burglary

If you have a heating system and it breaks down in the winter, it can mean thousands of dollars worth of damage.  What if the pipes freeze and crack?  The resulting water damage could mean a bigger financial loss than even a burglary.

Alarms can alert you when temperatures are too high — if there’s a fire, for example.  But they can also warn you when temperatures are too low.

Alarms don’t just protect your home from theft.  They can protect it from expensive damage.

Christmas Time Means More Burglaries

Christmas season is the happiest time of the year for burglars too.

People have expensive presents lying there all wrapped up and easy to find under the tree.

People go away for days to visit family, and leave the home unprotected.

People see strangers walk up to their neighbor’s house and think nothing of it, because those people are in uniforms and are delivering packages or adding trim and decorations.

But sometimes the uniforms are phony, and the people are professional thieves engineering a break-in!

There isn’t a more likely time to get burgled than Christmas.  That’s why having a ready security system in place early is smart.

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

Want to know more about how to keep your home safe for the Holidays?  Call me, Don Noga, Our Alarm Guy, at my private line at home at 585-342-4480 for some holiday advice.  My present to you — no charge!

This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving:  the gift of security for yourself and others.  Find out how.  Call me at my private line at home at 585-342-4480, or send an email to  Don Noga, and have yourself a safe and secure Christmas.

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