Alarms Or Dogs?

At DTN we like dogs too. But can they safeguard your family as well as a DTN alarm system can? Think about it.

Not All Pets Are Effective Guardians

Most family pets are just that, pets, not defensive weapons. They need to be taken care of, not used as the family’s defense against criminals.

These small family members need to be cared for just as much as any human member of the family.

While they may bark or attack someone entering the residence, they may not be able to actually stop a ready criminal.

They may be injured or even killed by intruders who want to keep them quiet.

Not All Burglars Are Strangers

The guard dog is usually the family pet, and in most cases might bark if someone enters the home.

But not in every case, and in not in those cases where the intruder is someone known to the victim — which is more often the case than you think.

Pets Can Become Victims Too

Criminals steal more than property. Sometimes they steal pets. Sometimes they injure or even kill animals protecting homes from break-ins.

In many cases burglars are prepared to deal with animals and family pets with everything from sprays to poisoned food.

Pets Can’t Call The Police

The third reason why a security system is more effective than a guard dog is simply the family pet cannot alert the authorities when a house is being broken into. A security system can alert the family and at the same time signal the monitoring center that the home is being burglarized, which then informs police and appropriate authorities.

Barking dogs don’t call 911. They can’t contact medics for medical assistance either.

Pets Don’t Fight Fire

Animals aren’t fireproof or immune to toxic smoke or gases. If there’s smoke or fire in the dwelling when the family is sleeping, the dog may awaken the family and alert them to leave the house.

But it may also be overcome right along with them.

And what happens when only your pet is in the house? It may be left completely helpless against smoke or fire.

A security system that monitors for smoke and fire can signal the monitoring center, and help the fire department arrive in time to save your home and your family pets.

But a pet trapped in a house without an alarm system often has its fate mapped out.

Security Systems Function When Pets Can’t

Carbon monoxide. Invisible. Unscented. The family dog is as defenseless as the rest of the family against it.

The security system is not defenseless. It’s able to signal for help from the monitoring center and sound an alarm to alert the family.
Pets get sick. They fall asleep. They may go out to play and may not come back for days.

Not security systems.

Take A Real Bite Out of Crime: Call DTN

Your family pet loves you and wants to protect you. Sometimes they can. But they just can’t do it quite as well as a professional security system.

You need to take thought about how you can best protect them.

Return the love that your pet gives you. Protect your pet — and your home and family too — with a professional security system.

DTN Security. 585.261.4480

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