The Top Ten Mistakes People Make

What are the top ten mistakes people make when buying security systems?

Mistake #1: Buying on cost alone

Do you really want the cheapest security system and monitoring service? You wouldn’t choose the cheapest brain surgeons! Your safety and security can be a life-saving decision. Make that decision with your head, not your pocketbook!

Mistake #2: Judging a book by its cover

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a company because of its looks. A flashy logo won’t keep you safe in an emergency. Choose them because of their track record, because of the kind of people they are, and because of the work they do.

Mistake #3: Choosing a company that doesn’t play by the rules

Too often, a company will try to come into an area and sell a service to people at an “unbelievable low price.” It’s unbelievable because it’s not true. Make sure your security company has a state license, a city permit, liability insurance, workman’s comp, error and emissions insurance, and disability insurance. Without these, the company is not playing by the rules, and it may end up hurting you!
Going with part-timers or independent installers

If your security installer does this “on the side” or works out of his truck, he probably isn’t the one to pick.

At DTN we’ve been protecting Rochester in the security business for over 40 years. We know our products. We know the area. We’ve got the permits. When you want something you can pick up and call and we’re right next door.

If you’re thinking about using someone who can’t say all that, think again. The safety of your home, family and business are at stake.

Mistake #4: Choosing a company without a good reputation

Due to the desire for a cheap price, many people are sold sub-standard systems, and get second-rate, out-of-date, and sometimes even stolen or illegal materials.

How can you tell if you’re getting a good provider? Look at your security provider’s client list. Anyone can get a good testimonial, but not everyone can get hundreds or even thousands of top-name local clients.

Mistake #5: Don’t choose a company with no local presence

In the security game, bigger isn’t better. National security companies may know their systems. But do they know Rochester?

Take DTN. DTN is Rochester based, Rochester owned, and Rochester operated. We work here. We live here. We care about Rochester. It’s our home town! We know our community, and if we don’t do our job, that community can walk right up to our door and tell us. You have to do a good job if you live here.

If the sales rep selling you the system will be in California next week, and the monitoring is being handling from China or India, you won’t be getting the level of accountability you deserve.

Mistake #6: Putting too much faith in your inexperienced youngsters

Your children are no doubt well behaved and honest, but can you be sure they won’t innocently open up a door for a thief or sexual predator dressed as a utility person or other official? Even good kids may try to sneak out at night, or sneak in past curfew.

A good security system can let you know. You can monitor your house at any time from your mobile phone with our new security systems, and even have the phone alert you if something’s wrong.

Ask us about the features a system can have to help you be a great parent!

Mistake #7: Not having enough sensors

Buying things you won’t need is a mistake. But not buying what you do need is a bigger one, when it comes to safety. A sensor that protects your front door won’t stop a crook from breaking in the back. Get a comprehensive evaluation of all potential entry points and security vulnerabilities. Call us: we can give you a consultation on what sensors and products will best protect your home and family.

Mistake #8: Burglars aren’t the only source of danger!

Your security system will protect against outside risks, like break-ins. But did you consider inside risks? Fire, flood, and carbon monoxide poisoning can all be monitored with your system, and emergency services called to respond.

Mistake #9: Not getting enough information before you buy

Not knowing what to do or who to talk to is the biggest mistake. The net is a great source of information, but when it comes to security, there’s nothing like talking to professionals. Such as who, you may ask? Us.

For security system information, call DTN offices at 585-261- 4480, or DTN President Donald T. Noga at his personal line directly at 585-342-4480. There’s no charge, and we’ll be happy to hear from you.

Mistake #10: Not using DTN.

Seriously — to get completely professional protection, you need to hire professionals. That’s DTN. You can make mistakes #1 through #9, or you can hire DTN and never worry about it again. Thousands of clients have picked DTN and many have been with us for decades. To get great protection, get great protectors — DTN at 585-261- 4480.

Stay safe!

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