Keep Your Mobile Phone Secure

A lost cell phone may contain personal information you may not want to see in the hands of strangers, much less mobile phone thieves. Even mobile phones that aren’t stolen can be a danger, since today’s mobile phones are essentially mini-computers, and as such are susceptible to viruses and hackers.

Those who use mobile phones for security may worry that losing a mobile phone means strangers can now watch — or even disarm and enter — one’s home or business with impunity.

But that’s not the case. Particularly if you remember the following simple security tips:

Lock Your Mobile Phone With A Password

A password won’t keep a phone from being lost or stolen, but all it takes is a password to keep the personal information in your phone secure in nearly all cases. (Some high-tech phones even use retinal or fingerprint logins.)

When using security services, there’s generally a second password as well, and as a rule brand name phone and security companies use military-level encryption to keep the password from being “hacked”. So take comfort. If the Taliban can’t break in, a local phone thief isn’t likely to.

Don’t Give Out Your Password

This should be obvious, but we all occasionally loan our phones to spouses or to our children to make a call. If so, open the phone yourself and then give it to them. Don’t give your password out. The more people know, even good and trustworthy people, the more likely someone will let it slip. Don’t say it out loud or write it down for others. Notes can pass through several hands, and if you hand your phone to a trusted friend over a coffee at Starbucks and casually mention the number, the person behind you may be listening — and may not be a trusted friend.

Download With Discretion

Mobile phone users nowadays can download email, pictures ring tones, screen savers, mp3s and even whole programs onto their mobile phone. That means that they’re downloading viruses too. Viruses are trying to break in all the time, so stay on top of your phone’s anti-virus software. Update it often, possible and scan your computer for viruses before connecting your phone regularly. Make it a frequent routine and you won’t be sorry.

Keep It Legal

Illegal peer-to-peer file-sharing is a part of life nowadays, but it’s still illegal and such downloads aren’t always what they seem. What you download into your computer could be laced with viruses that destroy your phone at best, and steal credit card and other important personal information at worst.

If you must access questionable sites, do it from one dedicated computer, and make sure it contains no important personal data, and also make sure it is never your mobile phone. Even better is to only download from legal sites. They may cost more money, but they cost far less losing your mobile phone to a virus, experiencing identity theft, or even facing criminal charges for illegal downloads.

Don’t Store Personal Information On Your Phone

If your mobile phone is lost or stolen, personal information that hasn’t been password-protected may be accessible to whoever has it.

But even if the information is not your phone, but only only on your server, there may be danger. Some mobile phone or cell phone providers store all the phone information they can on a main server. This can includes pictures, voice mails, personal information, pictures and more. Providers have had servers hacked in the past. But hackers can’t steal data that isn’t there. Keep your critical personal information off the phone and off the server.

Log Off

Staying signed in to an email or bank account can save time and keep you from having to remember usernames and passwords. But it also makes it easy for thieves who casually grab your phone to immediately access your most sensitive accounts. Close your accounts, particularly if you step away from your mobile phone even for a moment.

Use Mobile Phones With Care — But Use Them

Careless mobile phone use can lead to compromised security. But not using it can compromise your safety even more. Nothing could be more of a mistake than to think that the safest way to avoid mobile phone crime is not to have one. That would take away your ability to watch your home, family or business 24/7, to be instantly alerted when break-ins or fires or medical problems arise, to make use of technologies that could mean the difference between life and death.

Using a mobile phone can greatly improve your lifestyle and your security, if you use it wisely. Let us help you use it with the care you deserve.

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The Top Ten Mistakes People Make

What are the top ten mistakes people make when buying security systems?

Mistake #1: Buying on cost alone

Do you really want the cheapest security system and monitoring service? You wouldn’t choose the cheapest brain surgeons! Your safety and security can be a life-saving decision. Make that decision with your head, not your pocketbook!

Mistake #2: Judging a book by its cover

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a company because of its looks. A flashy logo won’t keep you safe in an emergency. Choose them because of their track record, because of the kind of people they are, and because of the work they do.

Mistake #3: Choosing a company that doesn’t play by the rules

Too often, a company will try to come into an area and sell a service to people at an “unbelievable low price.” It’s unbelievable because it’s not true. Make sure your security company has a state license, a city permit, liability insurance, workman’s comp, error and emissions insurance, and disability insurance. Without these, the company is not playing by the rules, and it may end up hurting you!
Going with part-timers or independent installers

If your security installer does this “on the side” or works out of his truck, he probably isn’t the one to pick.

At DTN we’ve been protecting Rochester in the security business for over 40 years. We know our products. We know the area. We’ve got the permits. When you want something you can pick up and call and we’re right next door.

If you’re thinking about using someone who can’t say all that, think again. The safety of your home, family and business are at stake.

Mistake #4: Choosing a company without a good reputation

Due to the desire for a cheap price, many people are sold sub-standard systems, and get second-rate, out-of-date, and sometimes even stolen or illegal materials.

How can you tell if you’re getting a good provider? Look at your security provider’s client list. Anyone can get a good testimonial, but not everyone can get hundreds or even thousands of top-name local clients.

Mistake #5: Don’t choose a company with no local presence

In the security game, bigger isn’t better. National security companies may know their systems. But do they know Rochester?

Take DTN. DTN is Rochester based, Rochester owned, and Rochester operated. We work here. We live here. We care about Rochester. It’s our home town! We know our community, and if we don’t do our job, that community can walk right up to our door and tell us. You have to do a good job if you live here.

If the sales rep selling you the system will be in California next week, and the monitoring is being handling from China or India, you won’t be getting the level of accountability you deserve.

Mistake #6: Putting too much faith in your inexperienced youngsters

Your children are no doubt well behaved and honest, but can you be sure they won’t innocently open up a door for a thief or sexual predator dressed as a utility person or other official? Even good kids may try to sneak out at night, or sneak in past curfew.

A good security system can let you know. You can monitor your house at any time from your mobile phone with our new security systems, and even have the phone alert you if something’s wrong.

Ask us about the features a system can have to help you be a great parent!

Mistake #7: Not having enough sensors

Buying things you won’t need is a mistake. But not buying what you do need is a bigger one, when it comes to safety. A sensor that protects your front door won’t stop a crook from breaking in the back. Get a comprehensive evaluation of all potential entry points and security vulnerabilities. Call us: we can give you a consultation on what sensors and products will best protect your home and family.

Mistake #8: Burglars aren’t the only source of danger!

Your security system will protect against outside risks, like break-ins. But did you consider inside risks? Fire, flood, and carbon monoxide poisoning can all be monitored with your system, and emergency services called to respond.

Mistake #9: Not getting enough information before you buy

Not knowing what to do or who to talk to is the biggest mistake. The net is a great source of information, but when it comes to security, there’s nothing like talking to professionals. Such as who, you may ask? Us.

For security system information, call DTN offices at 585-261- 4480, or DTN President Donald T. Noga at his personal line directly at 585-342-4480. There’s no charge, and we’ll be happy to hear from you.

Mistake #10: Not using DTN.

Seriously — to get completely professional protection, you need to hire professionals. That’s DTN. You can make mistakes #1 through #9, or you can hire DTN and never worry about it again. Thousands of clients have picked DTN and many have been with us for decades. To get great protection, get great protectors — DTN at 585-261- 4480.

Stay safe!

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Alarms Or Dogs?

At DTN we like dogs too. But can they safeguard your family as well as a DTN alarm system can? Think about it.

Not All Pets Are Effective Guardians

Most family pets are just that, pets, not defensive weapons. They need to be taken care of, not used as the family’s defense against criminals.

These small family members need to be cared for just as much as any human member of the family.

While they may bark or attack someone entering the residence, they may not be able to actually stop a ready criminal.

They may be injured or even killed by intruders who want to keep them quiet.

Not All Burglars Are Strangers

The guard dog is usually the family pet, and in most cases might bark if someone enters the home.

But not in every case, and in not in those cases where the intruder is someone known to the victim — which is more often the case than you think.

Pets Can Become Victims Too

Criminals steal more than property. Sometimes they steal pets. Sometimes they injure or even kill animals protecting homes from break-ins.

In many cases burglars are prepared to deal with animals and family pets with everything from sprays to poisoned food.

Pets Can’t Call The Police

The third reason why a security system is more effective than a guard dog is simply the family pet cannot alert the authorities when a house is being broken into. A security system can alert the family and at the same time signal the monitoring center that the home is being burglarized, which then informs police and appropriate authorities.

Barking dogs don’t call 911. They can’t contact medics for medical assistance either.

Pets Don’t Fight Fire

Animals aren’t fireproof or immune to toxic smoke or gases. If there’s smoke or fire in the dwelling when the family is sleeping, the dog may awaken the family and alert them to leave the house.

But it may also be overcome right along with them.

And what happens when only your pet is in the house? It may be left completely helpless against smoke or fire.

A security system that monitors for smoke and fire can signal the monitoring center, and help the fire department arrive in time to save your home and your family pets.

But a pet trapped in a house without an alarm system often has its fate mapped out.

Security Systems Function When Pets Can’t

Carbon monoxide. Invisible. Unscented. The family dog is as defenseless as the rest of the family against it.

The security system is not defenseless. It’s able to signal for help from the monitoring center and sound an alarm to alert the family.
Pets get sick. They fall asleep. They may go out to play and may not come back for days.

Not security systems.

Take A Real Bite Out of Crime: Call DTN

Your family pet loves you and wants to protect you. Sometimes they can. But they just can’t do it quite as well as a professional security system.

You need to take thought about how you can best protect them.

Return the love that your pet gives you. Protect your pet — and your home and family too — with a professional security system.

DTN Security. 585.261.4480

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“Thank You, DTN”

Now this is the kind of email I like to read… Thanks, Judy!

“I would like to praise DTN Alarm System Company for their concern, promptness and for the exceptional care my mother was given during her stressful time when her house was broken into through a basement window.

“She had DTN Alarm System Company install her original alarm system back in the early 1980’s which included 5 basement windows and all windows and doors throughout her home. While she was away for a weekend her home was broken into through a basement window at about 2:00 AM. The alarm went off, police arrived and found nothing was taken from the house because of the alarm system and monitoring. Thank goodness my mother was not at home at the time as she is 88 yrs old and would have been terrified. If she did not have the alarm, the thief would have gotten in and who knows what awful things would have happened to my mother.

“She called DTN Alarm System Company the next day, and they promptly sent their employee, Tony, over within a few hours. Tony assessed the situation and decided the best thing for the safety of my mother was to upgrade her alarm as the original one was very old. The cost was very reasonable for the safety of my mom.

“We agreed and Tony decided to give her a wireless alarm, which entails her just having to push a button on a key fob, ie: off, stay, away, which are color coded. This is so simple for an 88 year old woman to use, she doesn’t have to remember a lot of codes or go to the wall panel and worry about setting the alarm off because she pushed the wrong button. Tony and Lillian were excellent and patient with my mom while teaching her the new system.

“I want to commend this company for the care, understanding, patience and concern they showed my mom. I would recommend this company very very highly if you are looking for security in your home or the home of someone you love.

“Thank you again DTN Alarm System Company, for the safety of my mom, I can sleep again at night knowing she is totally safe now.”

– Judy B.

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Three Tips To Help Beat Burglars

Recently I saw an article about a thief who had been caught by police. During interrogation he admitted to breaking into a home’s master bedroom. What the article failed to mention is that burglars tend to rifle exactly those sorts of areas of the house first.

Think about it. Even better, think about it the way a burglar thinks about it. If you were going to rob a house, would you spend most of your time going through the bathroom, or the broom closet? Of course not. People don’t keep their valuables there. They keep them in places like master bedrooms and in small safes. That’s the first place thieves look. Can you use that knowledge to keep your valuables safe? You bet.

Find a small safe, the affordable, easy-to-move kind you can pick up at any K-Mart or Office Max or even on Craigslist. Then put it in the master bedroom, the first place the thief is likely to look. Fill it with sand — enough to make it seem so heavy that silver or gold might be inside. (Though not so heavy that the burglar can’t take it away.)

Can’t afford a used safe? Then put a few hundred dollars in one of the drawers and keep it there. As long as a thief gets something, he’ll be satisfied enough to take it immediately and run. But if he (or she) finds nothing at all, they may take out their frustration by trashing your house.

You can also copy out the serial numbers on those bills, and give them to the police when you report the crime. Should the police pick up a suspect and find bills with those numbers in his pocket, the crook may soon find himself in a holding facility — and your money may find itself heading back to you!

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Alarm System of the Future Today: Lynx Touch

Alarm systems are not only getting better, they’re getting way easier to use too, especially for people with smartphones and iPads. Check out this YouTube video on Lynx Touch:

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Your Neighborhood Crime Report: Online!

More and more crime information is going online. But where can you find a web site that displays it in a way that’s easy to read and easy to understand?

Crime Reports at

Not only can you specify the location, crime, date and neighborhood, there are even listings of registered sex offenders by street. You can get alerts and updates by email, and even report crimes and suspicious activity.
is not alone when it comes to providing crime information on the web. But it’s one of the best of the new crop of crime information sites. Our Alarm Guy says “Check it out!”

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Burglary In Rochester Rockets Sky-High!, an online data research organization, reports that in 2010 major crimes in parts of Rochester skyrocketed nearly two or more than three times higher than crime in other parts of New York State.

Burglaries shot up more than three times as high as the rest of the state:

You can learn more (and compare crime rates in your own postal code zone) by visiting

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Five Home Security Tips For Spring

There’s a saying: “In Spring, a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love.” But in Spring a young junkie’s fancy turns to thoughts of break-ins, too!

When the temperature approaches freezing, burglaries tend to go down. But when Spring is in the air, crimes rises.

Be prepared. Here’s five things you should remember to do:

Lock The Doors And Windows

Come Spring, many a family likes to air the home out by opening a few windows. There’s nothing a criminal likes better. If you absolutely must open your windows, try to open it on an upper floor. Or arrange it so it can only be opened so far. Sometimes a wooden rod placed in the side frame will keep a window from being opened more than a few inches, and keep your home safe.

But whether you use one or not, never leave a window open unless the window is locked in a way that it can’t be opened further from outside. And even if it is, close it if you leave the room. Unattended open windows are an open invitation to crime.

But most criminals don’t enter through doors, say the statistics. Where do criminals usually enter? The front door. Standard locks screwed into soft wood can easily be kicked in. But not if you use mounting screws that are three or more inches long, on a deadbolt lock with a solid plate, on a door that’s solid wood. It may cost a little more, but a lot less than a robbery will cost you.

Light Up

Outdoor lights. Motion-detector flood lights. Low-voltage pathway lights. Even just plain old keeping regular lights on all night long. They all keep crooks away.

(Tip: don’t put on the night light for security. The burglar will know you’re sleeping and may actually be more likely to commit the crime. What light should you put on? The bathroom light. A wide-awake person could go to the bathroom at any time of the night for any length of time. Keep the bathroom light on and you’ll be more likely to keep the bad guys out.)

Make Sure Your House Numbers Are Visible

You hear a burglar. You call the police on your phone. But will they arrive at the right house in time, if they can’t see the numbers properly?

Check and see if tree branches are obscuring your house numbers, or if your house numbers are clearly visible at night. And even if they are, consider replacing them with reflective house numbers.

Not only could it help police reach you faster, ambulances and other emergency responders will be able to find your house more rapidly and surely too.

Record Your Valuables

Saving your life comes first. But a lot of burglaries take place when no one is home. Don’t neglect your property. Physical safety is important, but you can do a lot to ensure your property’s safety even if you’re away on a Spring break or Spring vacation.

How? Get your camera out and take snapshots of your valuables, clearly recording the make, model and serial numbers. When it comes to tracking or claiming your stolen goods, or filing insurance claims, they could prove invaluable.

Get A Good Home Security System and Monitoring Service

Let’s face it: a good security system will do tons more than no security system when it comes to keeping you and your loved ones and your valuables safe. That’s a no-brainer.

Which one should you get? Of course I recommend DTN Services’ Home Security Systems; a visit to will show you why.

Gas prices are up, oil prices are up, food prices are up, but DTN’s prices are same as ever — and you may be surprised at how many new wireless and other options there are nowadays, and how we can make arrangements that suit your budget, situation and lifestyle.

So what’s the very best Spring safety tip of all? Simple: call us. 585.342.4480. We’ll give you a Home Security assessment in person. Free. There’s no better way to be sure your home is all set and safe for Spring.

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Winter Break or Spring Break: Who’s Keeping Your Home Safe?

DTN Security Services Ad

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